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Work & Experience

Sr. Full Stack Developer March 2022 - Present
Swivt Technologies

Developed a responsive Metaverse UI in Next.js and API in Express JS using Typescript, managing both frontend and backend tasks, including authentication, authorization, room management etc with SQLite and Postgres." Implemented an AI-driven insurance CRM in Next.js / TypeScript (frontend) and Express / TypeScript (backend), utilizing MongoDB for efficient data storage. Applied multi-threading in Node.js for CPU-intensive tasks such as video processing and file conversion, leveraging databases like SQLite, Postgres, and MongoDB to meet diverse data processing needs. Demonstrated proficiency in cloud platforms (Azure, Google Cloud, AWS), encompassing VM management, Docker containerization, and Nginx reverse proxy configuration.

The Wadi Tribe Jul 2022 - Feb 2023
Free Lance

Managing Team of 4 along with creating a Full Stack Application along with mobile application in Flutter (by another developer) with Augmented Reality features. Implemented fully featured REST API in Microservice Architecture with CRUD, Authentication and Authorization in Node JS using TypeScript and MySQL with Prisma ORM Created Robust Admin Panel to fulfill needs of current and future projects in Next JS using TypeScript with TailwindCSS and MantineUI. Created a generic form and table component to ensure the same design for both across all screens. Used unity to leverage image recognition capabilities in the real world to display objects on screen dynamically.

Aspark Systems Sept 2020 - Jun 2022
Aspark Systems

Worked on a CMS for school management system using Node JS and Express. Created modules for each component, such as Student management, Finance Management, Teacher Management, Assignment Tracking, Attendance Management, Review Management, etc. Created Design System for a Educational Platform using custom CSS designs and React Bootstrap Integrated Existing REST API to design components Created Multiple Reusable Components in the Application along with using preexisting templates.