About Company

Basobaas is a technology-powered real estate startup founded with the hope of serving home seekers, dreamers, and sellers.
With the passion to empower consumers and simplify the real estate scenario, Basobaas focuses on providing solutions and professional guidance with the combination of technology, digital presence, and experienced field agents and brokers.

Basobaas being a comprehensive competing national website is a digital platform having a wide spectrum of visual community catering unparalleled services with conceivable property listings and their details. With the knowledge of real estate settings, Basobaas aims to continuously explore new ideas and technology to make property search easier and faster; as well as bring homeowners and home professionals together.

Having the vision to achieve the highest possible standards with the objective of being a profitable, premier, and preferred real estate company in Nepal, Basobaas is striving to be the best in the real estate ecosystem. Basobaas serves innovative ideas and targets to be a leading full-service real estate company with the aim of selling properties as cost-effectively as possible while maintaining the highest level of impeccable quality service. By enhancing the quality of life through active community involvement, Basobaas aspires to grow every single day.