Job Search – 5 Things To Do Before Starting Yours 

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Whether you are going back to job search after a gap or looking for one to switch jobs, there are a few things that you should consider before beginning. After all, going on a job search these days is not as simple as looking through newspapers and applying. Getting a job in today’s competitive world involves several steps to ensure you’re on the top list of recruiters.

For a successful move to your dream company, here are a few things that you should do before even starting your job search:

Know Your Purpose

Before you begin your job search you need to be clear about your purpose. If you are looking for a job switch, what is it about your current job that is making you want to switch? Is it because of the company environment or is it because you feel like you’re not growing? Are you looking for a more managerial position or would you like the same post in a different company? Which industry is it that you want to work in and what are the requirements for you to accept any other offer? Knowing what position, industry, and job responsibility you want to take in your next endeavor will make it easier for you to make a decision and begin your job search.

Do A Social Media Review

Recruiters nowadays will surely do a social media sweep of both your personal and professional accounts before hiring anyone. So, make sure every profile you have online is audited. From LinkedIn to your Facebook account, do a detailed search and delete anything that might show you in a bad light. Companies don’t want to hire anyone that might hamper their reputation in the long run. A lot of people have lost jobs and opportunities over something that they posted years ago. Make sure you don’t come under one of those.

Reach Out To Your Network

The best way to get your name out there in recommendations is through your personal network. A lot of jobs get filled up in companies solely out of employee referrals. So, before you go for a job search, reach out to your network. Let them know that you are open to work and are looking for opportunities. A referral from someone that knows you can go a long way in getting you the job that you want. Go out and hang out with your networks at possible events and talk your way in. Ask them to forward you any opportunities that they think would fit you. Recruiters are more likely to hire you if you have a good reputation. So, before beginning your job search, reach out to your network.

Brush Up Your Skills

Whether you are looking for a higher-level position or coming back to work after a gap, it is always a good idea to brush up on your skills. Research the skills that the new job you’re aiming for might need. Make use of the free courses on LinkedIn or Coursera and learn them. With new skills your horizon will open up and the chances of your job search being successful increase. Always be learning, especially if you’re looking for a change of jobs.

Update your CV

Before starting your job search make sure your CV is properly updated. Include all your past achievements and write them in a proper format. Also, put in extra effort to get your CV noticed. Only when your CV is noticed will you move forward in your job search? If it’s been a long time since you drafted your CV, do a quick search on whether the format you’re using is up to date or not. Once you’re sure your CV is strong enough, start your job search.

A job search can be exhausting. But we hope these tips will make it a bit easier for you to start your journey. If you’re looking for opportunities, Retalent might be the place for you. Let us help you with your job search!