Top 5 Tips To Get Your Resume Noticed

person in white long sleeve shirt holding a clipboard with resume

A resume is the first thing a company asks for when opening up a vacancy announcement. The chances of you getting an interview will be high with a strongly written resume. With a resume, the recruiter can get a glimpse into your expertise and experience. Now, applying for a vacancy is a full-time job in itself. It takes time, patience, endless effort, and a good understanding of the hiring process to get the job or even land an interview. Looking for vacancies, drafting your resume, editing it time and again, and once sent, waiting nervously to hear back. Repeating this process every day, for several hours and days, and still not getting any response from the recruiters can be exhausting. Burnout is then sure to follow.

Given the current market situation, there are hundreds of applicants for one vacant post. In this situation, making sure that your resume is noticed by the recruiters is the only way to go through. And we are here to teach you the same. In this blog, we will teach you five ways to get your resume noticed!

Keep it brief

Hiring managers are busy. They don’t have time to go through your resume line by line. That is why it needs to be precise. In your resume only include the information that will show your expertise in the position you are applying for. Don’t mention unnecessary details.

Like that one workshop, you attended ages back and learned nothing from? Yes, don’t mention it. Instead, list the skills that make you the best candidate for the position. That is more likely to work for you than the years-old workshop that makes no sense in the present world.

Do a thorough resume assessment

Before applying to any company, do a thorough review of them and the position they are hiring. Read the job responsibilities and assess your resume. Make sure that the keywords they have used in their vacancy are there in your resume too. This will make your resume rank higher than other candidates. If you get selected for the interview, you can have a general idea of what to expect as well.

Metrics always work

‘I handled social media of different brands,’ or ‘I grew the social media followers of 10 different brands from 5 different industries by double.’ Which one do you think sounds better? If your answer is the second one, you already know what this point is about. In your resume with your previous positions, mention the achievements you made in those positions too. Including your achievements in your resume will let recruiters see the value you can provide for their company. You are more likely to get a call back from them after that. So, make sure you mention the metrics.

Don’t depend on the resume alone

While a strong resume is necessary, it’s always a good idea to take extra steps to ensure recruiters see your mail. When applying for any job, write a good subject, not just ‘applying for a vacancy.’ Add a bit about yourself in the body so that recruiters get intrigued to open up your attached resume. Add them in linked in, send them a direct message, or send a follow-up mail. Taking these extra steps can add you to their good graces, and you might score yourself an interview too.

References are the key

Getting your name recommended to the recruiter is the best way to make yourself noticed. So, networking is the key. A glowing review from your references can increase your chances of getting hired. Use your connections and see if any mutuals can introduce you to the recruiter. That can help you as much as your resume can. Take your chances, for the best, come to those who persevere.

Writing a good resume can seem like a daunting task. But once you know how to format your resume, drafting one becomes much easier. There are different ways of getting your resume noticed. Mentioned above are only a few of them. Remember these tips the next time you draft a resume, and let us know how effective these were!